Hotels, Business Centres and Commercial Malls

Boulevard Plaza Business Centre, Dubai, UAE

Hotels, Business Centres & Commercial Malls

Jabal Omar Development, Phase II, Commercial Malls and Hotel Towers, Mekkah, S.ARABIA

Residential Compounds

Ataşehir Satellite Town, Phase III Housing Compounds, 965 Flats, Istanbul, TURKEY

Hotels, Business Centres and Commercial Malls

Yapı Kredi Bank Operations Center, Istanbul, TURKEY

Health Care Facilities

420 Bed Burdenko Neurosurgery Hospital, Moscow, RUSSIA

Industrial and Heavy Industrial Projects

Çanakkale Cement Plant, Phase I Extension Project, Çanakkale, TURKEY


Torul Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, Gümüşhane, TURKEY

Industrial and Heavy Industrial Projects

Çanakkale Cement, Ambarlı Port, 40.000T Cement Packing and Bulk Loading Terminal, Istanbul, TURKEY


Turkish Airlines, Atatürk Airport Aircraft Maintenance Hangars, Istanbul, TURKEY


Antalya Airport, 2nd Runway Construction Project, Antalya, TURKEY

Educational Campuses and Cultural Centres

National Convention Center, Doha, QATAR

HSE Plan in Brief

Similarly the company has a very elaborately drafted HSE Plan based on the main principle “SAFETY FIRST” at the construction sites and it is subject to modification and upgrading as per the specific conditions of the projects.

The BAYTUR INTERNATIONAL’s senior management and managers are accountable for HSE in the Organization. This is demonstrated through their involvement in the implementation and review of the HSE Plan, performance, and target setting.

This visible commitment to HSE is cascaded down to the staff and interfaces, like Partners/Subcontractors. Site visits and inspections carried out by safety engineers and supervisors are part of the assurance and leadership process.

The discussion of pertinent HSE issues is a standing agenda item in all management and HSE steering meetings held at different organizational levels with Company and Subcontractors. A review of the HSE Plan by the top management is carried out at least once a year, including the main associated documents.

In order to ensure an adequate management of HSE, enough economic and human resources are allocated for HSE supporting in the construction site.

Communications of HSE issues take place through different levels of meetings and awareness talks, with active participation from senior management.